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The iCAPTURE BioBank reflects a progressive amalgamation of the Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Registries, with computerized catalogues of 30 years worth of multi-institutional patient data integrated with banked tissue samples, suitable for molecular and pathobiological studies. The unique resources of the iCAPTURE BioBank are unparalleled in scope. Over 12,000 sets of patient materials are available, in addition to numerous materials from cellular and animal models of disease. This rich resource provides one important basis on which to accurately characterize the disease phenotype individual patients and clustered subsets of patient types, and to study the gene and protein expression and function leading to each phenotype. The goals of our investigators are accomplished by integrating clinical, radiological, laboratory, and functional information with cellular and molecular observations made in the laboratories at the iCAPTURE Centre. View Image.

The iCAPTURE BioBank is the locus for the registration, triage, and photography of all submitted specimens, including organs, tissues, cells, proteins or genes, computer images, or clinical information from humans, animals, cells, and cell-free systems. Specimens are triaged to the appropriate preparatory laboratory and/or core facility. All data related to a given patient as well as the data generated from specimens in each of the laboratories or cores are entered into the BioBank's relational database for result integration and analysis. One essential feature of the BioBank is the digital photography system that enables documentation, quantitative measurements, and publication-quality photographs of all specimens submitted to the BioBank. Digital gross and microscopic images, linked to the quantitative analysis capability of the analytical units of the Centre, are critical for all iCAPTURE research and will continue have great value for all iCAPTURE collaborators and users.

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Any questions? Please contact:

Dr. Mike Allard
Director, iCAPTURE BioBank
Phone: (604) 682-2344 x 69292

Dr. Mark Elliott
Co-Director, iCAPTURE BioBank
Manager, Pulmonary BioBank
Phone: (604) 682-2344 x62709

Ms. Lise Matzke
Manager, Cardiovascular BioBank
Phone: (604) 806-8615

Ms. Jacqui Brinkman
Privacy Facilitator
Phone: (604) 682-2344 x63461

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